Programs & Services

TACA provides education, support and hope to the autism community.


TACA has local Chapters across the United States, providing families with education, resources, and support. Organized and run by parent volunteers, TACA Chapters host family events, educational seminars, and support meetings known as "Coffee Talks."


Annually, TACA hosts a parent conference featuring expert speakers from across the United States. Presentations focus on a wide variety of autism-related topics, including school/IEPs, therapeutic interventions, advocacy, medical issues, preparing for adulthood, and more.


TACA offers educational webinars focusing on special education/IEPs, therapy, medical issues, diet, and other important autism topics.

Webinars require online registration. Live webinars are free, recorded webinars are available to TACA + members.

Family Resources

TACA's website provides in-depth, comprehensive information and resources to help parents navigate all aspects of the autism journey, including obtaining a diagnosis, developing skills, medical issues, special education/IEPs, diet, preparing for adulthood, and more.

Online Support Group

TACA Hope and Help for Autism is a private, moderated Facebook group for parents of children with autism. This forum provides a supportive environment where parents can share experiences and gain insights about how to help their child live their best life.

Parent Mentor Program

Through TACA's Parent Mentor Program, new parents can be matched with an experienced, trained TACA Parent Mentor for one-on-one support, guidance, and information about autism-related topics, including school/IEPs, therapies, medical issues, local resources, and more.

Autism Journey Guides

TACA's Autism Journey Guide is a 150+ page book providing parents a comprehensive overview of autism topics across all stages of the journey. Guides are free with paid shipping to anywhere in the United States.


Since 2006, TACA has been providing scholarships to families for medical and therapeutic interventions. Scholarship availability relies on the generosity of donors, foundations, and the fundraising efforts of TACA Chapters.

Spanish Outreach

TACA provides educational information in Spanish via the website and printed materials.