TACA is deeply grateful to William S. Anderson for designating a $25,000 matching gift on behalf of the Anderson Stewart Family in support of TACA’s Year-End Fundraising Campaign. More than 430 people joined Mr. Anderson in taking action and raised over $129,000 to change the lives of more than 6,000 families affected by autism.

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TACA helps families take action to move from diagnosis to effective intervention for their children.

Watch the journey and progress of four remarkable TACA families.

Giammatteo Family

"When my brother Vico was diagnosed with autism, my parents were basically told to give up, but they didn’t. Thanks to my parents taking action, they found TACA and their countless resources to help him. Today, he is a young man fulfilling his dream to work with animals."


Culzean Giammatteo
Vico’s Sister


Beck Family

Cornish Family

Kriedler Family


Ashley McGladdery

From S.A. Morman & Co, on behalf of Natasha Petznick & Midwest Glass and Mirror

Katie Boyer

In Honor of Madison C Boyer

Diana & Dave Barstad

In Honor of our 3 amazing boys!

Andrew & Brittany Barnum

In Honor of Crew Barnum

Alexander MacInnis

In Honor of Michelle MacInnis

Delores Reha

In Honor of My 3 awesome grandsons!

Dale & Janna Nelson

In Honor of Zachary Nelson

Hector Franco

In Honor of Mario-Sebastian Franco

Justin Farmer

In Honor of Miriam Farmer

Bernard Grove

In Honor of Brad Elliott

James Mata

In Honor of AJ Gallegos

Deb Osfeld

In Honor of Matthew Brodie - my Rockstar nephew!

Puneet Kakkar

In Honor of Dhillon Cope

Lore Flavell

In Honor of Jake

Ford Riley

In Honor of Quinn Riley

Steve Tollefsrud

In Honor of #Team Caden

Brenda Blankenship

In Honor of Davis Parks

Karen Armstrong

In Honor of our son, Christian Armstrong

Norma Sanchez

In Honor of Kreidler Family

Jenny Googe

In Honor of Oliver Googe

Michael Gallivan

In Honor of Cooper Burke Gallivan

Sandra Googe

In Honor of Oliver Googe

Nathan Tenenbaum

In Honor of Joseph Hagerty

Margie Stockton

In Honor of Gray McDaniel

Shelley Crenwelge

In Memory of Amanda Drehmann

Karen M. & Dewey C. White

In Honor of Davis White

Chris Tylka

In Honor of Jeremy Tylka

Wesley Harrott

In Honor of Beth for Lyla

Wesley Harrott

In Honor of Nana for Lyla

David Lee

In Honor of Jennifer Lee

Karine Pawlicki

In Honor of Sabrina & Daniel Mir

William & Colleen Lee

In Honor of Jennifer Lee

Dan Gallagher

In Honor of Tommy Bulow

James & Pamela Farmer

In Honor of Miriam Farmer


In Honor of Christopher McGowan

Krause Construction, Inc.

In Honor of Tommy Bulow III

Terri Ziacik

In Honor of Oliver Googe

Thomas Bulow

In Honor of Tommy Bulow 3rd

Geraldine Cafaro

In Memory of Cathy Busse

Arthur Marshall

In Memory of Kathryn M Buell

Kathryn Bruening

In Honor of Beverly Israel

Anne-Marie Nelson

In Honor of Cassie Nelson

Kay Hidalgo

In Honor of Ben Mason

Jodi Mason

In Honor of Sophia request

Salvatore Ganley

In Honor of Salvatore Robert Ganley

Ben Marich

In Honor of the Darrin Thompson Family

Michael McClellan

In Honor of Ackerman Family

Dan Stone

In Honor of Emily Stone

John R Anderson

In Honor of Jason DeHerrera

Jane Neptune

In Memory of My husband, Michael Neptune, grandpa of James and Luke

Meghan Kittilsen

In Honor of Duke & Daxx Kittilsen

Cindy Gonyer

In Honor of Ethan and Mara Gonyer

Laura Eckert

In Honor of Tyler Larsen and family

Yvonne Levoit

In Honor of Cortica Irvine Staff: Lauren, Raneen, Eva, Linda & Lisa

Traci Pretzel

In Honor of Tommy Bulow

Douglas & Robyn Wonnenberg

In Honor of Don, Mike, and John Suda

Artic Leasing

In Honor of Nathaniel Little

Margaret Buell

In Memory of Kathryn Buell

Dan McCormack

In Honor of Connor McGrath and his parents Angeline & Mike and Steph & Nicole from the TACA MA Chapter

Daniel Siegler

In Honor of The Jenkins Family

Andrew Presnal

In Honor of Jyden Cooper

Joel Markowitz

In Honor of Matthew

James & Margaret Buell

In Memory of Kathryn Buell

Scott Moscatelli

In Honor of My Luka Boy!

Kathleen R Cocks

In Honor of Leah

Joseph Carlin

In Honor of Aaron Ross

Rajan Agrawal

In Honor of Writers Without A Voice

Susan Wertman

In Memory of Kathryn Buell Kunkel

Sonja Dodge

In Honor of William Dodge

Linda & Ernie Brodie

In Honor of Lisa Ackerman & Yvonne Beck

Corey & Tiffany Moen

In Honor of Andrew

Asha Dukkipati

In Honor of

Conrad Mitala

In Honor of Keza & Sanyu

Lisa Boshnack

In Honor of Tyler Boshnack

Sharon Strunk

In Honor of Luka Moscatelli

Susan Daniel

In Honor of Matthew Davis

Patricia O’Neil

In Honor of my grandson, Kelly O'Neil

Leanne Creel

In Honor of Ethan Creel

Tamara Palkovitz

In Honor of Max Manno

William McGowan

In Honor of Christopher McGowan

Monique Anderson

In Honor of Andy & Laura Ebright Family

Laura Lind

In Honor of Matthew Beck

Lisa Costanza

In Honor of Nicholas Laurita

Kathy Thompson

In Honor of Anders Thompson

Kelsey Morgan

In Honor of Lisa Ackerman

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