Eric Endlich, PhD

Eric Endlich, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and founder of Top College Consultants®, guides neurodivergent students nationwide through the college application process. He co-teaches the UC Irvine continuing education course for educational consultants, Working with Students with Learning Differences, and co-manages a 20,000-member Facebook group for parents of college-bound neurodivergent students. Dr. Endlich has served on the Learning Differences/Neurodiversity and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion Committees of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), and was honored with IECA’s “Making a Difference” award for contributions such as a database of neurodiversity-friendly colleges. A national presenter and professional writer, he is also a researcher on a project to develop college readiness software for autistic high school students and a study to enhance student-teacher relationships for autistic children, as well as an advisory board member for the UCLA Tarjan Center and the Association for Autism and Neurodiversity. Dr. Endlich is regularly interviewed by various media including Forbes, Money magazine, College Confidential and U.S. News & World Report. Finally, he is a neurodivergent parent and adult.

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