Erin Schirm

Erin Schirm grew up in Spring Valley NY. Erin attended the Green Meadow Waldorf School K-12 and participated in the Fellowship Community, an intentional community that supported integrated retirement for the elderly. The Fellowship provided a mix of experiential offerings including, farming, culinary skills, a variety of craft skills and many other key skills for life. Erin participated heavily in sports and focused on orienteering, cross country and track. As part of the Green Meadow orienteering team Erin won two national championships, was the North American Champion in 2006 and competed for the US at the Junior world Championships in Lithuania. Erin Went on to attend Syracuse University where he earned a BS in physical education while running on the track and cross country team for all four years. Erin continued his studies by becoming level 1 certified in Spacial Dynamics, and holds a variety of coaching certificates including Track and Field, Orienteering, and personal Training. Erin also is trained in Transformative Movement Education. After college Erin went on to become the coach of the US Junior orienteering team working for Orienteering USA for seven years and building up the program. After coaching the team Erin found Meristem and became a movement instructor for the program. After two years at Meristem Erin became the program director and a year later is the current Executive director of Meristem.  

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