Autism Fairy

June 21, 2012


by Lisa Ackerman

Like most folks, I receive a lot of mail. Some junk mail, bills, and many letters from families needing help. On a regular day there are 3-10 letters to review, refer and answer.

This week was a special week. I received a handwritten letter addressed to me that contained something very special. I don't know much about Courtney but I love that she wanted to send something to help me and TACA families. What I knew about Courtney is she has to be young - maybe 7 or 8 years old. She seems to know that autism can be tough and some with autism can suffer from many issues.

Her letter and picture took my breath away. It is now framed and in my office. Perhaps you would like to see what her wish is with the Autism Fairy.

Thank you Courtney. I know you care. We love that you do. I hope your fairy can help the hundreds of thousands of families living with autism and the children they love.