Hope is a Big Word…

February 22, 2012


It surprises me how much the single word HOPE can make all the difference when living with a child with autism.

Follow that word with EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT and nothing but good things can happen.

These powerful words, HOPE, EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT are exemplified in a short but powerful note I received from a family this past week:

“I hope you have the chance to read this amongst all your fan mail.  Living with a child with Autism definitely has its ups and downs.  Another side to that is in dealing with mainstream doctors.  After a particularly heartbreaking appointment at my local resource/autism expert, I left feeling defeated.

The drive home brought on more tears and a sense of being overwhelmed.  Me against the system and left with no hope.  It was a few minutes into my pity party that I thought about TACA and my mood lifted. I went from feeling like a victim to feeling a complete sense of empowerment.  I knew that once the effects of the day wore off, I would talk to my TACA friends and find solutions to the mountain in front of me.  I can't believe you had the wisdom and the courage to establish TACA for us.  I know my life would be different without knowing TACA.  I feel like I have the tools to either chip away at those mountains or learn how to scale them.  I think of you, Lisa, fondly and often, particularly at those dark times.  Thank you.  You have made a difference in my life, and that makes a difference in my son’s life.”


It is a wonderful thing to receive such a kind note and to know hope followed by empowerment and education can drive steps forward. I know autism is treatable.  I know this journey is a hard one for families living with autism. TACA will be here to help families navigate those important steps, climb over those huge obstacles and drive positive change and good health for their children.