Stem Cell update: IN THE NEWS

October 08, 2012


By Lisa Ackerman

Today, the 2012 Nobel Prize winning discovery goes to two scientists researching stem cells. Please read the news:

Some important information was cited in this groundbreaking news and award:

While researchers have already applied the scientific breakthroughs of Britain's John Gurdon and Japan's Shinya Yamanaka to study how diseases develop, making such cells into new treatments will involve a lot more checks.

Stem cells act as the body's master cells, providing the source material for all other cells. They could transform medicine by regenerating tissue for diseases ranging from blindness to Parkinson's disease.

Creating embryo-like stem cells without destroying embryos gets round a key controversy by avoiding the need to process embryos left over at fertility clinics - a system that has led to political objections in the United States and elsewhere.

This Nobel Peace Prize does not directly to helping individuals with autism but does show great promise for other conditions. This reaffirms my excitement for stem cell therapy in the future for many conditions including autism.

As promised I wanted to keep families apprised on stem cell therapy news. Please note the previous blog on this topic can be found here: As I see more progress on this topic, I will share. There is huge potential for treating autism with this therapy and I cannot wait to see the science to back this up.  Only time will tell.