Stem cells and autism

September 05, 2012


By Lisa Ackerman

We know stem cell therapy offer treatment solutions for many other conditions (such as leukemia, lymphoma and other issues.)  A newly approved FDA pilot study will look at stem cell therapy from cord blood & autism as a possible solution for treatment. The timeline for this pilot study is 1-2 years.

Some parents of children with autism are reporting positive results from traveling outside the United States for stem cell treatment at a great personal cost.  Studies like this one need to demonstrate that this treatment is a viable solution for autism.  There is no current best practice, FDA approved or insurance paid solution for autism and stem cell therapy today.  The cost for travel and treatment is something many families cannot afford. In addition, there are no current standards for this treatment and what type of stem cell therapy is effective for individuals with autism.

We are hopeful for some treatment answers for families living with autism. This pilot study shows a lot of potential and we will be watching it closely.

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