Siblings: Make special time for other kids

Being a sibling of a high needs child can be tough. It’s a delicate balancing act that parents have to perform every day to make sure everyone gets what the need. If you can, split the kids up between the spouses or family members and spend special 1:1 time with just one at a time […]

Marriage: No ego parenting

There’s nothing worse than someone who is uninvolved wanting to interject their uninformed opinion, or dictating how to do things without actually knowing if that’s possible or having to face the ramifications of the action. If you are going to lead, roll up your sleeves, become informed and do the work. If not, follow the […]

Getting Organized: Get one credit card

Track your purchases. Use one credit card for all things treatment-related. If you use it to buy all of your child’s special foods, books related to autism and special diets, medical-related travel such as trips to an out-of-state doctor, office co-pays, therapy equipment, vitamins, etc. on the same card, when tax time comes, all you […]

Getting Organized: Get and scan all documents

Gather and scan your child’s medical and school records to your computer for easy searching later. If you haven’t gathered them from practitioners yet, do it now before they destroy your records.

Getting Organized: Use a journal to track progress

Having a child with autism is a lot of work. But you can make it a lot easier, effective and affordable by creating an organized system so that you can easily reference important documents as well as prioritize interventions. Learn how to document your child’s progress so you will know what works and what doesn’t, […]

Extended Family: Gifts go into Special Needs Trust

Because of the way services are structured for people with disabilities, they cannot just be given money or valuable items in their name. If your family members would like to give your child money or other valuable property as gifts or inheritance, make sure they put them into a Special Needs Trust for your child […]

Extended Family: Holidays, travel and gatherings

Holidays can be a great time to catch up with family but they can also be very stressful for families with ASD children. Especially if travel is involved. Food, overstimulation and everything being out of the routine can all cause issues when the extended family meets. No one knows what your child needs to be […]

Extended Family: Prep them for proper expectations, how to relate

Extended family can be both a source of stress and strength. Food, overstimulation and everything being out of the routine can all cause issues when the extended family meets. No one knows what your child needs to be safe and comfortable unless you tell them. so communication is key. Use these tips to make a […]

Home: Durable, easy to clean furniture and décor.

Decorating for autism, it’s a real thing, and it’s a minimalist approach to be sure. Buy things that clean easily. Wall units or bookshelves should bolted to the wall so they don’t topple when climbed. Buy solid, sturdy furniture that can withstand kids standing on it. Store your irreplaceable antiques or glass tables and cabinets. […]

Divorce: Decide who decides – educational and medical

The most common divorce dispute we hear is when one parent refuses to comply with the care plan set out during the marriage, after the divorce. They don’t want to follow the diet or pay for the medical expenses, or just disagree to make life hard on their ex-spouse. This is where a well-worded and […]

Divorce: Plan for the worst, hope for the best

Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Put it all in writing. Your state may offer appropriate or even great services today, but with budget cuts and changes happening all the time, you cannot guarantee that those services will be there in a year for your child, so just because summer camp is paid […]

Divorce: Build a Special Needs Trust and wills

While it’s never ideal for a family to break up, especially when there is a special needs child involved who generally requires more support, sometimes divorce is necessary. Get everything in writing.

Home: Physical safety, locks, fences

While safety is a top priority for all parents, having a child with autism brings unique challenges to keeping children safe and protected.  Tragically, people with autism are 40 times more likely to die from preventable injuries. It is important to remember that preventable injuries are… preventable.  We can turn this awful statistic around.  Below […]

Siblings: Don’t expend all resources on ASD kids

Hindsight tells us that we must do everything we can, at almost any cost, to heal our kids when they are little, but when you have more than one child, you cannot use EVERYTHING for the child with autism. Siblings need and deserve your time, care and money for things they want or want to […]

Siblings: Siblings should not be raised to be caregivers.

Sibling Doesn’t Mean Caregiver or Guardian. As parents, we expect siblings to look after each other – “you are your brother’s keeper” has been around a very long time for a reason, but there is a difference between a sibling and a caregiver. Parents assuming a sibling will take full responsibility for their brother or […]

Marriage: For Dads

There is a LOT of work involved when you have a child with ASD. Daily therapies, meltdowns, special diet cooking, school meetings…and the list goes on. Write it all down, and assign who is responsible for what, then follow through. We have a lot of dads who report success when they can map out their […]

Marriage: Moms to Dads

Marriage can be tough, but it’s tougher when autism in involved. The primary responsibility of parenting usually remains with the mother, even when both parents work but TACA Moms have words of advice for Dads for a happy, successful marriage: Get involved, stay involved. Acknowledge her work, listen. Even if you do get divorced, these […]