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Dietary Infractions: How to Prevent Them and What to do When They Occur

Full adherence to the gluten, casein, and soy-free (GFCFSF) diet is essential to its success.  But, the reality is, your…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for ASD

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has long been used for patients diagnosed with autism and other co-morbid medical issues. What is…

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Avoiding Toxins

Accumulating evidence establishes a clear link between exposure to pollutants and chemicals with cognitive, motor, and sensory impairments. Scientists believe this is…

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Seizures are a significant concern in autism because of their high prevalence and association with increased mortality and morbidity among…

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Going GFCFSF in 10 Weeks!

Planning on implementing a gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free (GFCFSF) diet for your child? Then you’ve come to the right place! Download this…

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Dental: Overview of Dental Filling Materials

Amalgam Amalgam is the least expensive material for filling a cavity. It is also very strong and durable. It is relatively easy…

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Anesthesia and the Autistic Child

If your child is about to have surgery or needs a particular diagnostic procedure, such as a GI scope, their…

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Symptoms we often associate with autism—such as anxiety, tics, and inattention—can be caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the…

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