North Dakota Chapter

TACA's North Dakota chapter is one of 29 TACA chapters across the country. TACA ND hosts meetings, events and coffee talks throughout the year. All parents, caregivers and professionals are welcome to attend. TACA hosts educational speakers on important topics and allows parents and caregivers to connect with one another to stay informed on the latest information in the autism world.

North Dakota Events

Monday, June 24

Is this ADHD, SPD, CAPD? Or is this a Brain and Vision Performance Problem?

6:30 - 8:00 PM
The Ember
8 N 3rd St
Grand Forks, ND

Nancy Gannarelli-Sand, Director of Vision Therapy at Family Eye Clinic will be sharing specialized information to help parents and professionals find answers to help their children and students. Learn about how students’ lack of visual abilities impedes reading, writing and learning. And learn about enhancing the visual performance abilities which are utilized in all aspects of life.
Nancy has worked as a vision therapist in the field of neuro-develomental optometry for over 26 years. She has worked extensively with Dr. Steven M Agnes in a Neurodevelopment Optometry practice designed to diagnose, remediate, modulate and enhance visual performance abilities utilized in all aspects of life.

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