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Transition to Adulthood Planning by Age Checklist

It is never too early to begin planning for your loved one’s future. The following are estimated ages to start…


Advanced Medical Treatment – Home Environment

Our home is our sanctuary. It needs to be a safe and healthy place. In addition, research tells us that…


Advanced Medical Treatment – Gut Impairment

GI symptoms are four times as prevalent in autism than in neurotypical children. As a result, many behaviors labeled as…


Advanced Medical Treatment – Nutritional Deficiencies

There are numerous circumstances in which our kids diagnosed with autism have nutritional deficiencies. This can be due to restricted…


 Advanced Medical Treatment – Pain Checklist

Behavior is a form of communication. When our kids are not feeling well, it may show in their behavior. Therefore,…


Advanced Medical Treatment – Re-Evaluate Diet Checklist

Even if your child is already on the gluten-free and casein-free diet, there are often many other foods and diet-related…


Advanced Lab Testing Checklist

This checklist contains second-level tests that can be ordered if basic lab testing cannot uncover the reasons for symptoms.


Beginning Lab Testing Checklist

Our kids may look healthy on the outside, but only lab work can tell us how the body is really…


Enjoying Holidays Checklist

Holidays are a time of family fun and traditions. However, people with autism may struggle with the change of routine,…


Travel and Autism Checklist

Traveling and taking vacations are important parts of a balanced life. While these things can add additional stress to a…


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September 8, 2024

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