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Safety Checklist

Safety is a TOP concern for any parent. Keeping your child with autism safe takes extra precautions. Use this checklist…


Preparing to See a New Doctor Checklist

Finding a qualified and experienced doctor, though challenging, can make all the difference in your child’s health and future.


New School Year Checklist

Get your child with autism ready for an exceptional start to the new year! Download our FREE “About Me” student…


Functional Life Skills Checklist

Not every skill listed will be useful or appropriate for your child. Please work with your child, their teachers, and…


Education for Autism Checklist

The school system and other educational choices can be confusing. Federal law mandates what the public school system must provide…


Locating Local Resources Checklist

Finding the best places to take your child for local therapies, doctors, and services can be overwhelming. In addition, agencies…


Types of Doctors Checklist

Our kids with autism require a team of medical practitioners. However, sometimes it is hard to navigate the maze of…


Therapies for Autism Checklist

Therapy helps your child with skill development. There are many different forms of therapy, all of which have different purposes.


Beginning Medical Treatments Checklist

This checklist provides links to information to help you begin your child’s medical journey. Addressing your child’s health can improve…


Newly Diagnosed Checklist

As you begin your journey, be patient with yourself. You don’t have to know or do everything today. Take things…


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