Teens with ASD: Introduction & Article Links


Ready or not, here it comes!

No matter which road you take on your autism journey with your child, one thing is an inevitable fact for us all - our kids become adults. Quicker than you can blink, your precious toddler is going to be a strapping young man or lovely young lady. Are you ready?

I am the parent of 2 kids with ASD, ages 21 and 19. It seems like just the other day that they were toddlers and “Poof!” I now have one soon to graduate from college and one deep in life skills training for his future. Time really does fly. Being prepared can be the difference between success and failure for your child, so roll up your sleeves and let's get started.

What are the most important things you can give your child? We give love, respect, education, health and time. With those things, every child can succeed. You will need a few things to survive this journey intact: the internet, coffee, unconditional love for your child and an unending sense of humor. With these things, you will be able to build a strong team to support your child and your family.

The building blocks for a happy, healthy, safe child are social skills and life skills, so let's begin there.

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