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Puberty can be daunting for any teen. Physical changes, rapidly changing hormones, new routines for hygiene, and mood swings place…

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Avoiding Toxins

Accumulating evidence establishes a clear link between exposure to pollutants and chemicals with cognitive, motor, and sensory impairments. Scientists believe this is…

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Maximizing Time With Your Child's Doctor

Maximizing Time With Your Child’s Doctor

After you’ve carefully chosen a doctor and made an appointment, you may be wondering how to maximizing time with your child’s doctor….

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Sickness: Prevention and Treatment Options

Fall and winter bring colds, coughs, flu and gastrointestinal bugs. All undesirable illnesses that we diligently try to escape. Considering…

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Anesthesia and the Autistic Child

If your child is about to have surgery or needs a particular diagnostic procedure, such as a GI scope, their…

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Dental: Overview of Dental Filling Materials

Amalgam Amalgam is the least expensive material for filling a cavity. It is also very strong and durable. It is relatively easy…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Autism

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has long been used for patients diagnosed with autism and other co-morbid medical issues. What is…

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Getting Kids to Take Vitamins and Medication

Kids with autism can be the pickiest eaters on the planet. As a result, this pickiness contributes to their vitamin and…

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Supporting a Healthy Pregnancy

Research tells us that if you have one child with autism, you have a 8.4 times higher risk of having a second…

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