Protein Sources


Protein is one of the hardest foods to get the right amounts into a special needs child. Here are some suggestions for protein sources for your child’s individual dietary needs.

Protein Serving Size Total Grams Of Protein
Almond Butter 1 tbsp. 4g
Beans, refried 1 cup 16g
Beef round roast 3 oz. 25g
Black beans 1 cup 15g
Blackeyed peas 1 cup 13g
Broccoli 1/2 cup 3g
Cashew Butter 1 tbsp. 4g
Chicken – white meat 3.5 oz 31g
Chickpeas 1 cup 15g
Coconut milk 1 cup 6g
Duck 3.5 oz 24g
Egg white 1 egg white 3g
Egg whole 1 egg 6g
Flounder 3.5 oz 30g
Hot dog 2 oz 7g
Hummus 1 cup 12 g
Kidney beans 1⁄2 cup 8g
Mutton (Lamb) 3.5 oz 17g
Pea Protein Powder (Kirkman) 1 serving 7.5g
Peanut butter 1 tbsp. 4g
Pork roast (lean) 3 oz 21g
Rice – white 1 cup 4g
Rice – brown 1 cup 5g
Sausage 1 patty 5g
Stir fry veggies 1⁄2 cup 2g
Tortilla (Corn) 1 2g
Turkey – white meat 3 oz 28g


Some additional thoughts on protein :

  1. Many kids with autism have low zinc levels, which is a mineral helps process proteins. Check zinc levels in your child to learn if he/she is low in zinc.
  2. Buy all organic protein sources for your special needs child (and your family if you can!)
  3. AVOID additives, nitrates, and other ingredients that can upset your child’s stomach.
  4. AVOID Perdue brand poultry due to arsenic levels in their poultry. Many other brands of conventional chicken also contain arsenic.