iPads and Autism – Innovation in Communication

December 06, 2012


In September 2011, TACA was approached by a long time family member who had a teen with autism who had uttered his first words just a short time after having obtained his iPad. He was 16 years old when his family first heard his voice.

After this remarkable experience, they were motivated to share their success story with other families living with autism. They worked diligently to help create a fund for TACA to author a study that would look into this technology to help some families that had children with autism who needed to find their words.

TACA was able to provide a video of this study to demonstrate the wonderful outcomes for the families.


TACA’s objective was to also share this valuable information so families could learn in more detail about the tools, software and services needed so many other children/individuals could benefit as well.

Available tools used for Autism & the iPad study
Communication Tool: Proloquo2Go

This innovative communication tool has many features to help your child communicate. There are several files to help navigate this great product:


Social Stories

Social stories are invaluable tools to help set expectations for your child. Here is what was used:


Providing a daily schedule will help children with autism understand more about their activities on a given day. Here is what was used:


We know that funding for families to obtain this technology can be an issue. TACA has a resource for families to review.

How to get an iPad funded:

Paraprofessionals – for more information from the study collaborators, Autism Spectrum Consultants, please click here.

Please note: The final iPad & autism study is pending. We will share that information as soon as it is available.

TACA wants to thank the following supporters who contributed to this effort:

The Carney Family for the inspiration and support
Orange County Community Foundation
Autism Spectrum Consultants
The families and their children for allowing us to share their stories. We are honored to help and to have a view into your world.


Friends inspired by the TACA stories in this video can help serve our mission and the families we support. It is our goal to replicate this study to provide scholarships for communication devices that will help more families living with autism.

If you would like to help, we have provided 3 ways where you can make a difference:

  1. Donate
  2. Volunteer
  3. Start a youth ambassador group at your school