TACA Urges All to Take Action During April’s “Autism Action Month”

April 01, 2017


(IRVINE, CA – April 1, 2017) – Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating, empowering and supporting families affected by autism, announced today a lineup of events during April’s “Autism Action Month” that are geared towards mobilizing caring citizens to take action to support families affected by autism.   With 1 in 68 children in the United States diagnosed with autism, support for families is needed more than ever before.  With it’s “Superhero” social media campaign, and “National Coffee Talk Day” TACA hopes to reach the masses to text to donate or show support for the person they know and love with autism.

“Thirty years ago, 1 to 2 in every 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism.  Today, that rate has increased to an alarming 1 in 68, and the numbers continue to rise each year,” said Lisa Ackerman, founder of TACA.  “When a family receives an autism diagnosis there is a huge learning curve in therapies, medical intervention, diet, educational services and emotional support for the family.  Our goal is to speed up the cycle time from diagnosis to effective treatments to recovery.  Autism is treatable and recovery from autism is possible!” added Ackerman.

Autism is so common today that if it is not in your direct family, almost every U.S. citizen can say they know someone with autism or a family who is affected.

TACA has made it easy for anyone with a phone to support efforts to help families with the following programs:

Here is what YOU can do. THREE ways to help TACA continue to help families:

  • Family & Friends Campaign- Tell your story!  It will inspire others.  TACA provides a platform for you to tell it.  Sign up, put as much or as little of your autism journey into words, add a photo of your child and join the hundreds of families raising awareness and funds for TACA this April.  A great part of April for everyone involved with TACA is reading these family stories, watching their videos and hearing about how TACA has helped their family.  To get started fundraising or to check out family stories here.
  • Jeans Day for Autism – Jeans Day for Autism is April 20th.  But it can be any single day or series of days that allows companies, employees and employers to demonstrate their commitment to families living with autism.  On April 20 or designated Jeans Day for Autism dates, businesses will allow and encourage employees to go casual for a cause in return for a charitable contribution to Talk About Curing Autism. And TACA has everything you need to get started here.
  • #AutismUnfiltered – Take part in TACA’s social media campaign.  Change your profile picture, add a graphic to your email signature or where ever you can!  Add a little #AutismUnfiltered where people will stop and consider it.  Why #AutismUnfiltered?  The autism journey is difficult, it’s TOUGH for our families and especially for our kids.  On the flipside, with everything our families and kids endure, overcome and accomplish, they become tough and strong.  Use TACA’s graphics!  You’ll find them here.



National Coffee Talk Day for Autism, April 20
TACA will hold over 75 “Coffee Talks” around the country on April 20. These events are an opportunity for families affected by autism to learn about treatment options, be connected with professionals who can help them, obtain scholarships for treatment, and get support from parent mentors.

Click here to learn about a TACA “Coffee Talk” event near you.

About TACA
Talk About Curing Autism is a national non-profit organization dedicated to educating, empowering and supporting families affected by autism. TACA’s aim is to shorten the cycle from the suspicion of autism, to diagnosis, to effective treatments, thereby creating the best future possible for individuals living with autism. The organization currently serves over 50,000 looking for support and best practices in autism.

Please visit www.tacanow.org for more information.