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TACA is pleased to offer this unique program to companies providing services to children with autism and their families. The Sponsor Partnership Program allows you to provide important tools for your clients to help them on the autism journey as well as give back to TACA and the services they provide in the community.

$100,000 & ABOVE


SWMC offers a wide range of residential home loan mortgage programs to suit different situations such as a purchase, refinance, a property rehabilitation loan or a reverse mortgage at the competitive interest rates.

As a full-service mortgage bank, Sun West is one of the few approved direct lenders to provide in-house origination, processing, underwriting, closing, funding, and servicing. Based in California with active presence across the country, Sun West is dedicated to offering exceptional service coupled with integrity, reliability, and experience.



$30,000 & ABOVE


Spectrum Awakening is an all-natural supplement company that designs specialty formulas to help children by supporting healthy and normal development, behavior, language, and sleep.


All products are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, dye-free, and every family gets Free Samples from www.SpectrumAwakening.com


The founder, Dr. Jared Skowron, is a biomedical specialist that has been working with kids in his clinic for over a decade helping them reach their full potential.

$20,000 & ABOVE


For over 30 years, Autism Learning Partners (ALP) has served as a national leader in the field of developmental disabilities, serving as a full service provider specializing in the treatment of Autism and other developmental disabilities. Services are provided in the home, in schools, in our centers, and in the community. ALP serves over 4200 clients yearly in several states across the United States. ALP accepts most major insurance plans, including Medicaid. Call 855.295.3276 or visit www.AutismLearningPartners.com to learn more.


Elizabeth McCoy has practiced law in CA since 1997, primarily in the area of estate planning and special needs trusts. She prepares living trusts, wills and special needs trusts for families with Autism and other special needs, and also assists clients with establishing limited conservatorships. Ms. McCoy is a frequent speaker on the topic of special needs trusts, and a sponsor at many autism events. She has established four scholarships for children with autism at REINS therapeutic horse-riding facility in Bonsall, CA.



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The IonCleanse® by AMD is the word's #1 selling footbath detoxification system. A detoxification program will enhance any therapy and allow a child to better assimilate nutrition. The IonCleanse® by AMD is the easiest, safest, and most effective approach to total body detoxification. We believe this should be the 1st step toward autism recovery. AMD offers a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results, return it within 60-days and AMD will give you all your money back - no questions asked (over 98% of customers choose to keep the system).





Happy Family is a mom-founded and operated premium organic food company that’s changed the way we feed our children. When Founder and CEO Shazi Visram saw her friend, a new mom, struggle to find healthy food options for her baby, she found her purpose: give babies their healthiest, happiest beginning by offering parents organic, thoughtfully-made food. She didn’t just envision a business—she saw a social imperative to address the health issues linked to childhood nutrition.


Launched on Mother’s Day 2006 as Happy Baby, we’ve grown up into Happy Family and offer a comprehensive, for-all-ages assortment of organic meals and snacks. We’ve partnered with game-changing organizations since day one, and continue to nourish more healthy bodies worldwide.




Under the direction of Dr. Dan Rossignol, FAAFP, FMAPS, The Rossignol Medical Center can best be described as a functional and integrative medicinal practice for children with autism spectrum disorders and other related issues.


Functional medicine pertains to identifying and treating abnormalities that lead to impaired functioning of cells, such as problems with mitochondria, oxidative stress, metabolism, and inflammation. Integrative Medicine refers to molding (integrating) the latest laboratory research with treatments to hopefully improve clinical outcomes. We strive to do this based on evidence-based medicine and the use of biomarkers, where we add treatments based on underlying biochemical testing or evidence-based treatments.


All our practitioners are current with the latest evidence-based research on conditions related to autism. Many tests and treatments continuously become available and many patients can improve over time. Though we cannot guarantee such improvements, we do promise that we will listen to you and do our best to identify the appropriate and the most advanced testing and treatment options.


Rossignol Medical Center has offices in Southern California, Northern California and Central Florida. Call to make an appointment with Dan Rossignol, MD; Dane Fliedner, MD; Salma Ahsan, MD; Lanier Rossignol, BSN, FNP-C; Sandi Kreizenbeck, DNP, FNP; Nicole Rincon, PA-C; or Tracie Salber, ARNP, CPNP.



$10,000 & ABOVE


Algonot has numerous goals in developing our line of unique nutraceuticals. First and foremost our nutraceuticals must be effective, safe and tolerable. Research and attention are put into each of our key ingredient’s source and purity as well as the molecular size and health concern. The exclusive Olive Kernel Oil distinctive to our formulations is used for the greatest absorption of key ingredients. One other goal is to develop nutraceuticals that address the current and underlying needs of our customers. We are pleased and proud to offer a line of nutraceuticals that meet and exceed these goals. The unique patented formulas behind Algonot’s family of nutraceuticals are predicated on research. These formulas were created with the guidance of an internationally recognized Advisory Board. Laboratory testing certifies and assures that our ingredients are pure, safe and in proper proportions. 




At Autism Spectrum Consultants, we provide a wide range of effective and creative behavior therapy services, ranging from assessments to intensive Applied Behavior Analysis programs in a variety of settings (home, school, and/or community). We understand that each child, adolescent, and adult we treat is unique, and we strive to create individualized programs that address the strengths and deficits of each learner in order to maximize their success.

Regardless of where the child, teen, or adult falls on the autism spectrum, Autism Spectrum Consultants can design and implement an individualized, comprehensive behavioral and educational program that addresses the individual needs of each client with Autism. Through our ABA Therapy we can help a child or adult with Autism and provide overall improvement in daily functioning.




EEG To Go is owned and operated by Brad Levy, a pioneer in the utilization of In-Home, real time VIDEO EEG monitoring for pediatric patients with aversion to hospitals. Overnight monitoring can run from 24-72 hours. He travels the country to hook up (always with a licensed technician) wireless Video Monitoring EEGs on special needs children, safely and with compassion. His portable high quality EEGs easily stay with the child in the comfort of their own home. When done, the parent simply removes the electrodes and sends back the recording device to BST/EEG To Go. There is no expensive, uncomfortable overnight hospital stay. Brad develops warm relationships with his patients that allows for professional and easy testing. He collaborates with world class epileptologists, neurologists and hospitals, as well as most insurance companies. To schedule your child’s EEG, please contact Brad@eegtogo.com or 949-333-1682.


Lifetrients (formerly NourishLife) intends to contribute to a major improvement in health and wellness by addressing the nutritional needs of children. Lifetrients holds the exclusive license from the Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland (CHRCO) to the patent-pending speak® (special pufa, e and k) dietary supplement. The proprietary speak formulation contains 7 ultra-purified, concentrated nutrients in precise doses and ratios developed for children with special nutritional requirements. This special blend of nutrients is combined in a convenient serving (2 capsules, 3 mL of pure oil, or 1 Tbsp of emulsion) resulting in greater ease of use for parents and children and at a lower cost than purchasing individual ingredients.



$5,000 & ABOVE


As the scientific leader in the biological role of the microbiome gut-brain axis and its impact on neurological conditions, Axial Therapeutics is uniquely positioned to advance a fundamentally different therapeutic approach for the treatment of neurological diseases and disorders. We stand apart through our focus on the microbiome, harnessing our expertise to identify new drug targets in the gut and develop novel medical interventions that have significant potential for improving symptoms and treating underlying disease.




The CLE team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of individualized services across the areas of academics, career development, independent living, and social skills. It’s these wrap-around supports that help each student experience independence as they transition to college, pursue a career and build a life away from home.




Houston Enzymes formulates digestive enzyme products, specializing in the needs of those with autism. Our products are formulated by our founder, Dr. Devin Houston, PhD biochemist. Our enzymes are targeted to specific food problems and are available in capsule, powder and chewable forms.



Learn how to communicate with your child through spelling. Online S2C, RPM, and AAC coaching for families with unreliably- and non-speaking children with autism.
Kindred Communication was born out of our combined passion and empathy for families of children with Autism. Our team has worked directly with families and individuals with Autism for a combined 70+ years.



GOLD speech kingdom

Speech Kingdom is a software application designed to help children with speech, language and social delays. Working with SLPs, developmental psychologists, behaviorists, therapists, school-based special education teachers, and parents, we have created fun and easy to use interactive social exercises and games devised to improve communication for children on the autism spectrum. 



$2,500 & ABOVE


Timothy A. Adams & Associates, APLC, is a special education law firm in Orange County, California serving special needs individuals of all ages and their families. Our special education attorneys make it their goal to empower parents of children with disabilities to achieve the educational services to which they are legally entitled. Our attorneys guide parents through federal and state special education laws. We serve as powerful advocates at Individualized Education Program ("IEP") meetings and, if necessary, through compliance complaints and due process hearings from initiation through appeal.




Meristem is dedicated to preparing young adults on the autism spectrum for a life of greater independence and fulfillment. Our three-year transitional program serves students ages 18-26 from all over the United States.




NeuroNeeds is committed to improving the lives of children and adults who are coping with the effects of neurologic disorders, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders (e.g. Autism, Asperger syndrome), ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Migraine and Chronic Pain. Many expert physicians recognize a metabolic and mitochondrial component to disease in their patients with these conditions, and that targeted nutritional supplementation can offer substantial therapeutic assistance as a primary component of a science-based holistic approach.


Our team, which includes expert physicians, have formulated nutritional products that seek to improve lives. These products target deep by providing very high doses of specific vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, and other natural compounds in order to move specific targeted metabolic pathways in the direction of healing. In addition, these products target wide by providing a solid basis of micro-nutritional needs regardless of what diet the individual may be taking.


The goal of our company is to enhance and optimize the physical and mental abilities for every patient, while limiting harmful effects of a more-traditional pharmaceutical-only approach to care.




Founded in 1955, by two speech therapists, Dr. Aleen Agranowitz and Gladys Gleason. Our Founders were visionaries who saw a lack of services for individuals with special needs. They answered this need by opening the door of their homes to children in their community. Over 65 years later, their vision and mission is carried on by our dedicated staff and teachers.



$1,000 & ABOVE


Founded in 1989 by Daniel G. Amen, MD, Amen Clinics is the nation’s leader in brain SPECT imaging and functional psychiatry. With the world’s largest database of brain scans, Amen Clinics combines detailed histories, neuroimaging, cognitive and emotional testing, and labs to pinpoint more accurate diagnoses to provide personalized, targeted treatment plans that are the least toxic and most effective solutions— with higher than average success rates.


Amen Clinics optimizes brain performance and treats patients with: ADD/ADHD, addictions, anxiety, bipolar disorder, TBI, depression, marital conflict, memory problems, PTSD, weight issues, and any mental illnesses or psychiatric disabilities.



Astrid is an AI powered, personalized care plan which provides actionable recommendations and access to a certified health coach to reduce the time, cost and guesswork of delivering quality care for children with Autism. Astrid enables parents and care teams to better understand their children’s needs, and proven ways to take action which positively affects care – from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

As a community, as parents, family members, teachers, and caregivers, it is providing love and support to each other, especially our children, that guides and inspires us every day. This is true for the team at ABAE, as well.




with Jamie Davis

Back in 2004 when Beauty Society was established our founder, Jeannie Lorin made a vow that Beauty Society would always be A Company with a Conscience. Not only to provide the best possible products in quality, effectiveness and safety; but also to have an everyone wins business model. A model where the consumer would receive the highest performing products at prices the everyday family could afford. A company where corporate profits were not the focus, but rather focus on the success of the consumer and families, as families all across America benefit financially as our sales force. Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, 12-month guarantee.



MRO Logo_Main Logo

MaryRuth’s was founded in 2014 by MaryRuth Ghiyam, a certified health educator, nutrition consultant, and culinary chef. MaryRuth was working as a health coach and struggling to find supplements to recommend to clients that were high-quality, delicious, and easy-to-take. She formulated and made a small batch of a Raspberry Liquid Morning Multivitamin to share with her clients, and the rest is history.



Summit to Sea is an innovative, American-made, FDA approved manufacturer of mild hyperbaric chambers. Unlike other hyperbaric companies, the Summit line offers upright (vertical) chambers, and chambers that can accommodate wheelchairs and gurneys.
Summit has an impeccable safety record and has a myriad of safety features to protect the user. The pricing for these chambers starts as low as $5,000, and the team at New Leaf has a great rental program, along with financing options for those looking to purchase a chamber for home use.
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We believe we are all exposed to a variety of toxins, infections and allergens that cause chronic inflammation and oxidation in our bodies. True Health can be achieved by eliminating these insults and modulating our response to them.


True Healing Naturals is a nutraceutical company that develops innovative products that work to harness the body’s natural ability to heal.


With over 20 years of experience in caring for children and adults with chronic illnesses such as autism, ADD, severe allergies, PANDAS/PANS, inflammatory bowel disease, and mitochondrial disorders our research team has devised clean, safe, evidence based, and effective solutions to lead you on your path to Healing the True Way.



$500 & ABOVE


The mission of American Advocacy Group is to assist you with first-class, affordable advocacy services that benefit individuals diagnosed with developmental and physical disabilities and their families. Whether you are new to the process, or your family member has being denied a service by an agency, our goal is to take quality time to get to know you and your family, and to offer you options that will best meet your family’s needs.



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We understand your child has specific interests, strengths and development needs; so we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Our classes encourage natural interaction and play as the foundation for learning, so children can feel comfortable and confident learning academic and social skills. We offers two classroom tracks. Our high-support classroom track has a 1:1-2:1 ratio and a focus on communication, daily living skills, and/or specific behavior support needs. Our medium-support classroom track can accommodate students up to a 5:1 ratio following a more traditional class structure. All students have individualized academic programs tailored to their needs and abilities, with goals measured based on their personal accomplishments. In STEPPS Academy is a year-round school with minimal time off to ensure maximum consistency for our students.



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