TACA Physician Advisory Board

We are constantly striving to improve our ability to achieve our core mission for families who have just received the autism diagnosis: speeding up the cycle time from the autism diagnosis to effective treatments.

To enhance the accuracy and focus of the medical information provided to parents we’ve recently established the TACA Physician Advisory Board. This newly developed advisory board will bring families and treating physicians together to help the lives of those affected by autism and related medical conditions by:

  1. Reviewing and approving TACA medical materials.
  2. Writing original articles for TACA families on medically related issues.
  3. Educating pediatricians and family doctors on how to help families with early diagnosis and effective treatments.
  4. Facilitating a working relationship with the American Academy of Pediatrics and other similar organizations with the purpose of improving early identification, early intervention, effective treatments, and maximizing TACA support for newly diagnosed families.
  5. Responding to media inquiries about autism and related medical conditions.

We are honored to have the following Board-Certified pediatricians and medical specialists serve as Physicians Advisory Board members:

Dr. David Berger

Dr. David Berger (“Dr. David”), a board-certified pediatrician with more than 25 years of clinician experience, has gained a national reputation for his expertise in holistic pediatric primary care, with specialties in the areas of nutritional and detoxification therapies for autism, ADHD, and related disorders; and immune dysregulation such as allergies, asthma, and autoimmune disorders. Dr. David also treats adults with these medical conditions. Additionally, Dr. David o ers preconception and prenatal counseling, testing, and treatment to optimize the health of both women and infants. Dr. David goes above and beyond to ensure each of his patients knows he genuinely cares about their well-being. His philosophy is grounded in an individualized approach to medicine that honors each individual’s unique life circumstances. Born and raised in South Florida, Dr. David chose his career path at age four. Many years later, he graduated from The Medical College of Pennsylvania before completing his Pediatric Residency at the University of South Florida/Tampa General Hospital, where he began use of holistic therapies. Dr. David has been in private practice since 1997 and is an advanced practitioner of biomedical therapies, advocating for the Autism Research Institute philosophy since 1999. In 2005, Dr. David opened Wholistic Pediatrics & Family Care, his medical practice in Tampa, Florida. In 2010, he was appointed assistant professor at the University of South Florida College of Nursing. Two years later, he helped develop and lead the Preconception to Infancy (P2i) Portland Think Tank, from which the international P2i initiative was developed. Dr. David launched his Wholistic ReLeaf clinic in 2016 to help qualified Florida patients use medical cannabis as a treatment option. Today, he is one of only a few pediatricians in Florida qualified to evaluate and certify medical marijuana for patients under the age of 18. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. David was invited three times to share his expertise with the FDA vaccine approval committee as they considered the Emergency Use Authorization applications for COVID-19 vaccines. After recognizing the need for heartfelt education that could extend beyond his medical practices, and reach nonpatients and colleagues worldwide, in 2021 Dr. David launched his media and education company, DrDavidMD, focused on issues related to health, education, and medical choice.

Dr. Richard Frye

Dr Frye is a Child Neurologist with expertise in neurodevelopmental and neurometabolic disorders. He received an MD and PhD in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University. He completed a residency in Pediatrics at the University of Miami, Residency in Child Neurology and Fellowship in Behavioral Neurology and Learning Disabilities at Harvard University/Children’s Hospital Boston and Fellowship in Psychology at Boston University. He also received a Masters in Biomedical Science and Biostatistics from Drexel University. He holds board certifications in Pediatrics, and in Neurology with Special Competence in Child Neurology. He has authored over 300 publications and book chapters and serves on several editorial boards and is currently the Editor-in-Chief for the Section on Mechanisms of Diseases of the Journal of Personalized Medicine.

Dr. Elizabeth Mumper

Dr. Mumper is President and CEO of The RIMLAND Center. Her general pediatrics practice is Advocates for Children. Advocates for Families is her practice devoted to the care of children with autism and other neurodevelopmental problems. Dr. Mumper graduated magna cum laude from Bridgewater College with a degree in General Science. She attended the Medical College of Virginia, did residency training at the University of Massachusetts and University of Virginia, and was invited to serve as Chief Resident of Pediatrics at UVA. She spent five years in practice at F Read Hopkins Pediatrics in Lynchburg. She spent over a decade as Director of Pediatric Education at the Lynchburg Family Practice Residency Program. She maintained a clinical faculty appointment at the University of Virginia for 16 years. She served as Medical Director of the Autism Research Institute for five years. Dr. Mumper has been honored to receive many awards over the years, including being named a Miracle Maker in Central Virginia in 1996 by the Children’s Miracle Network and Woman of the Year in Health and Sciences in 1998 by the YWCA. She was privileged to accept a national award for corporate public service at the National Press Club in Washington on behalf of the Bike Helmet Safety Campaign she co-chaired for many years. She was selected as Distinguished Alumna of the Year at her college in 2012. Dr. Mumper has written book chapters about allergy, immunology and behavioral and developmental pediatrics published in the book “Pediatrics” published by Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, which is a board review series book for medical students and includes many questions and answers. During the past five years, she has conducted clinical research at the Rimland Center and published five peer reviewed articles in the medical literature. One of the joys of her current work is the opportunity to teach others about medical problems of children with autism and related disorders. She lectures nationally and internationally. She feels privileged to mentor physicians around the world. Her travels on behalf of children with autism have taken her to Australia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

Dr. Nancy O’Hara

Dr. Nancy O’Hara, MD is a board-certified pediatrician. Prior to her medical career she taught children with autism. Dr. O’Hara graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and earned a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh. She entered general private practice in 1993, and in 1998 began her consultative, integrative practice solely for children with special needs. She is a leader in the training of clinicians, both in the US and abroad. Her practice is located in Wilton, CT.

Dr. Dan Rossignol

Dr. Rossignol, MD FAAFP is a board-certified family physician. He received his Doctorate of Medicine at the Medical College of Virginia and completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Virginia. Coming from an academic background, Dr. Rossignol searched the medical literature looking for a solution after both of his children were diagnosed with autism. He has made it his mission to research and publish in autism. Since 2006, he has 55 papers, abstracts, editorials, and book chapters (including those in press) concerning autism and related conditions. Dr. Rossignol has a special interest in autism spectrum disorders, PANS/PANDAS, cerebral palsy, and related neurological and developmental disorders as well as medically complex children and adults. Dr. Rossignol is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (FAAFP) and a Fellow of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (FMAPS). Dr. Rossignol sees patients in all three offices in California and Florida.

Dr. Cindy Schneider

Dr. Cindy Schneider is a unique healthcare provider who has established a reputation for responsible and effective management of patients who have not found relief through conventional treatment. Her areas of special interest include innovative nutritional and metabolic support for a number of complex conditions including autism, attention deficit disorder, and Tourette’s syndrome. Her interest in neuroimmune conditions began 17 years ago when her son and daughter were diagnosed with autism. After realizing the limitations of conventional autism treatments, she became the founding president of two nonprofit organizations for autism research. She has designed and implemented multiple research studies relating to the treatment of autism and the identification of risk factors for neurological disease and has collaborated with researchers worldwide.

Dr. Robert Sears

Robert W. Sears, MD, is a father of three, board-certified in Pediatrics, and a co-author in the Sears Parenting Library. “Dr. Bob”, as he likes to be called by his little patients, earned his medical degree at Georgetown University School of Medicine in 1995. He did his pediatric internship and residency at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, finishing in 1998. Dr. Bob is the proud father of three active boys, Andrew, age 21, Alex, age 18, and Joshua age 12. He and his wife, Cheryl, reside in Dana Point, CA. In his spare time Dr. Bob enjoys surfing the California waves, mountain biking, playing bass guitar with his teenage son guitarist, and trying to keep up with his three children. Dr. Bob enjoys a very unique approach to pediatrics by providing a combination of alternative and traditional medical care. He has a passion for healthy natural living and incorporates this knowledge into a style of disease treatment and prevention that you won’t find in most doctors offices. By limiting antibiotic use, using science-based natural treatment approaches whenever possible, and focusing on good nutrition and immune system health, Dr. Bob takes preventative medicine to a whole new level. His commitment to breastfeeding success for all his patients also helps babies get a right start in life. Dr. Bob has a particular passion for helping parents understand childhood vaccines and the options open to them in choosing the safest possible vaccine schedule for their child. As the solo author of The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child, his in-depth knowledge of vaccines and the diseases they prevent has helped parents nationwide get a better understanding of this complex and confusing issue. Having had the privilege to help raise three active boys, Dr. Bob has grown fond of the “parenting” side of pediatrics. He especially enjoys talking to parents in his practice about the joys, and trials, of watching their little babies and toddlers thrive through the first several years of life. Dr. Bob is committed to enjoying a slow-paced, casual atmosphere in the office, providing long checkups, giving parents the flexibility to ask for house calls at home when needed and being one of the very few Orange County pediatricians to be available after hours, overnight, and on weekends for phone calls and home visits. Because he is not contracted with any insurance companies he is able to focus his attention 100% on just being a doctor without having to worry about the business side of running an insurance-based office. His patients take care of billing their own insurance themselves and find that once they learn the process it is very easy. Dr. Bob has appeared on the Dr. Phil show to offer advice on child behavior and parenting issues. He has also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneris show, CNN’s House Calls with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the CBS Early Show, and PBS’s “A Place of Our Own”. Dr. Bob is a frequent speaker at La Leche League conferences, including Colorado, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, California/Nevada and the International LLL Conference 2007 as well as various parenting health Expos. He has written for Contemporary Pediatrics, Newsweek Japan, and dozen’s of regional parenting magazines across the nation. Dr. Bob is co-author of The Updated Baby Book, The Premature Baby Book, The Baby Sleep Book 2005 and Father’s First Steps: 25 Things Every New Dad Should Know and author of The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for your Child and an active contributor to the content of AskDrSears.com and several other parenting websites. He is also a regular contributor to Working Mother magazine.

Dr. Anju Usman Singh

Dr. Anju Usman Singh is director and owner of True Health Medical Center and Pure Compounding Pharmacy in Naperville, Illinois. She specializes in biomedical interventions for children with ADD, Autism, Down Syndrome and related disorders. She has been involved in research regarding copper/zinc imbalances, metallothionein dysfunction, biofilm related infections and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Dr. Usman Singh is a member of the PANS/PANDAS advisory committee to the State of Illinois. She also serves on the medical advisory boards for TACA, Autism Hope Alliance and Generation Rescue. She is a fellow for MAPs (Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs). Dr. Usman Singh received her medical degree from Indiana University and completed a residency in Family Practice at Cook County Hospital, in Chicago, Illinois. She is board certified in Family Practice and Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).